Whether you have stumbled here by "accident," discovered our page while searching the web, or been directed here by one of us, we are absolutely thrilled that you are visiting! As a part of the body of Christ, our greatest desire is to reach out to the community with the love of God and welcome them in to His family with open arms. We yearn to be a friendly, God-loving group of believers in Jesus Christ who just walk with each other through the chaos of life, as the family of God, meeting together both in and out of services to pray, hear God's Word, and encourage each other through the Holy Spirit. 


In these days of great uncertainty, we take comfort in knowing that God never changes. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. His church has one unchanging mission: to offer hope and eternal life through Jesus Christ. Here at Grace Christian, we believe this is our mission; we want to love others as we further pursue understanding the heart and love of our God through His Word. 

Please take a look around and explore our website. We'd also love to meet you and show you the love of God in person! Please consider coming to visit us at our services and let us know you found our website. It would be our joy to see you!


If you have any questions or any needs, please contact us.